Monday, September 29, 2008

Entertaining Angels

Last Friday night Doug prayed, "God, I'm not trying to test you, but I know that you could bring someone tomorrow to put on offer on our house, if you wanted to." In my lack of faith, I was thinking to myself, "He's awfully bold. No one has even looked at or called about our house."

Saturday, after lunch, a man in his eighties rang the doorbell repeatedly. A tree landed on his house during Gustav and he's looking for a new residence. He said he could pay us cash as soon as he cashed in his CDs, and he offered us a little less than we were asking, which was completely fine. He kept asking the same questions over and over, so Doug wasn't sure he was "getting" everything. But I figure, even if he forgets where we live and never comes back, we had the chance of entertaining an angel. God brought him right to our door as a response to Doug's prayer. I need to learn to be more specific in my prayer life and have more faith that God will do exceedingly above what I think or ask. It was an incredible lesson in faith for me.

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