Thursday, February 11, 2010

I looked at a menu today

One of the journeygirls invited me to get a coke in town, so the kids stayed at the Wafler's house, and she and I started walking.

When we got to the piki stop, there was only one piki (motorcycle), but two bodas (bicycles). I offered to take a boda, so Kelli could have the piki.

Looking back, it was a hilarious episode (that's for you, Kyle)!!

Kelli took off on her motorcycle, and was out of sight.

I didn't realize it at the time, but our journey into town was completely up hill. I was trying to have a conversation with my driver (despite his strong body odor), when I finally had to say, "I will not talk, so you can breathe."

Poor guy.

I probably could have walked up that hill faster than he pumped me, but it was definitely an experience.

When we arrived at the "restaurant," he asked for more money than a boda usually is, and I was MORE than happy to give it to him. He definitely earned it.

I kept thinking to myself, "Why does he wait for riders at the BOTTOM OF A HILL?"

Oh well.

We entered in Christ the King Catholic Church's restaurant (yes, you read that correctly), and there were tables covered with plastic table cloths, plastic flower arrangements, and place mats. Boy, I never knew what a restaurant could do for the soul.

We ordered two Krest Bitter Lemon drinks (Coca-Cola distributes them, but I'm pretty sure they are not sold in the US). Yum! And I tried my first samosa. That is NOT a drink. It is a pastry of sorts. You can get beef, veggie, or potato and it will be wrapped inside the pastry before it is deep fried.

Also yummy!

People were coming in and ordering late lunches and watching soccer on the television, and I had to remind myself I was in Africa. It was quite the escape for me. I can't wait to take Doug and the kids.

Kelli assures me there are other places in town to go to escape, so I look forward to their discovery.

Thanks, Kelli, for two discoveries today: Christ the King Church and the Chinese supermarket.


Melissa said...

Yum!! I'm jealous... I love me some Krest and samosas! =)

The Spears Family said...

Hey, we have samosas too! Glad your tummies are all well. Love you!

Stevens Family said...

Picture of stinky guy peddling you up hill - HIIILARIOUS!

Megan said...

I'm so glad to hear all are healthy and you found some time to "escape" with a friend. praying for more refreshing ;)

suethegran said...

Great blog!
Praying for you.
Lynn and Sue (Misti Shelton's parents)

Anonymous said...

I had a great time with you! Let's do it again soon!! Your Favorite journey girl!! ~hehe~

PS, I had a ripe piki piki driver when the wind blew I would turn green. haha!