Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a power outage looks like

Earlier, I promised you a picture of Caleb when the power went out in the middle of his hair cut. Here it is.

I also finally got a picture of a piki. Here is the piki I rode home from church with Karis and Caleb. I was sitting where Caleb is, side saddle, and Caleb was on my lap.

And here is Kylie, with Sandra (a journeyman) on the back.

Since I'm posting pictures, here is one of Awindiri Baptist Church, where Doug spent two nights last week.

And where the ladies cooked their meals.

Since I am already doing random photos - some of you asked about our dogs. They have arrived. The big one (that Doug has his arm around) is Lee. And the smaller girl is Hakuna Matata (Hakuna for short). They came not only with the names, but also well-trained. Our watchmen have commented on how helpful they are patrolling the compound at night.

I also hope to get a picture of the fabric market downtown. There are thousands of crazy patterns to choose from in stall after stall after stall. I picked out a few patterns and had some curtains made for the house. I also let the kids pick out patterns for each of their windows. I had no idea how beneficial the curtains would be on the west side of the house. It really helps cut down on the heat that comes in during the afternoon. It was well worth every shilling ($7 for the material and $2.50 to have them made). I guess I didn't need my mom's sewing machine after all.

My houseworker told me she went to textile school. I don't know what all she learned there, but she has a sewing machine, and she takes material one day and comes back with an item the next.

If any of you would like her to make you an apron, I'm sure I could arrange it :)

Well, that is enough random photos for tonight. I need to go study my Lubara.

A ni Lugbara ti muke ku. "I don't know Lugbara well."

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Laura said...

So does this mean you now have power again? I hope so!!