Thursday, February 11, 2010

I went to see him

Doug has been a big hit out at Awindirii Baptist Church.

He's the "new guy."

He texted me last night and told me he was the "entertainment," which probably means everyone sat around staring at him.

At first, he said he was glad that it was dark, and then his next text said that our friend had hung up a light, which revealed a topless, nursing mom.

Good times!

He texted this morning to say his stomach was well. They were served three kinds of sweet potatoes, beans, enya, and something else he couldn't identify.

He texted that he slept ok, and that wearing earphones to block out noises helped.

It was important for the people at the meeting to meet the wives that weren't there, so Pam and I drove out with the kids this afternoon to meet everyone, and we stayed a little over two hours.

There were several women with children there. One woman had twins that were maybe two months old. I'm sure that church is quite noisy at night. Keep Doug in your prayers for tonight, too.

He texted me a little while ago to say that dinner was being served (it was after 9 when he texted). The menu was enya, beans, and "the little fish." We've seen these dried fish in the market, but neither of us has ventured to eat one yet, so I'm hoping he can avoid them. They have an interesting smell and look to them.

Discipleship at the meeting has sort of been suspended, and the topic Doug was going to teach on has been cancelled. It turns out they are getting to some real heart issues with the people, like...salvation!

Apparently, many of the members of each congregation just attends church but they have never made a personal decision to follow Christ. Anyone? looks like the Gospel might be the subject of the evening. Pray.

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