Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks, but I'll pass this time

Too bad Doug doesn't write this blog. He has been invited to have a very African experience. I might have to let him guest write here, or just copy what he writes on his blog.

Anyway, starting now (4:30pm on Wednesday), he has left to join some believers at Awindirii Baptist Church in Arua. Three congregations of churches are meeting there until Friday morning! They are doing extensive Bible study, prayer, and training. This is continuous mind you. He will not be coming home.

Doug will be sleeping on the ground in the church with no mosquito net, and he was told to bring his own pillow, which he declined (because of dirt). Anyway, he took a towel and a backpack for his head, a Massai blanket to cover with, and he will be shown how to have a bucket bath/shower sometime tonight.

I'm sure they will be eating enya (which is ground millet), and Doug took his own water bottle to be safe. I wish I could have fed him a big steak dinner before he left, but maybe he'll learn to like enya :)

Be in prayer for the training and for Doug.

And by the way, Kylie made a recovery yesterday afternoon. She started asking for food, and she had enough strength by the end of the day to join us at the dinner table for the first time in a few days. Praise God!

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Michael said...

Hey Kat...don't know how I missed it before but Megan tipped me off to your blog. Just wanted to say thanks for all the updates. Really helps to know how to lift you guys up. There's not a way to subscribe by email is there?