Monday, February 8, 2010

Giardia (or something) strikes again

For those of you who only read the blog, I wanted to let you know that Caleb and Karis were correctly diagnosed as having Giardia. We went to the local pharmacy, and it only took two trips to get the right medication. Two bottles cost around $2.50 total!!

Anyway, within hours of taking the first dose, they were better. Praise the Lord!

A nurse in Kenya, upon hearing of our plight, has gotten a medical kit of sorts, together for us of things we might need here in Arua, and she is sending it by way of other people. Again, Praise God!

Two days after Caleb and Karis finished their medicine, Kylie woke in the middle of the night with a fever.

She was on the couch all day Friday, but with only a small fever. If the fever spiked, I was supposed to check for malaria, but it never did.

Saturday, she started vomiting a little, and by Sunday, she couldn't keep anything down.

Sunday night, we decided to start the treatment for Giardia, just in case, because it is so contagious (and travels in water). She threw up a few hours after taking it, but maybe some remained in her.

Today (Monday), she hasn't eaten much, but when she has, she has thrown it up. I put her to bed, and up came her tiny dinner. So, she is now in-between Doug and I until I can get her sheets cleaned and hung out in the sun tomorrow to dry.

Please pray that we will discover what she has, that it will go away, or that the medicine we are giving her will treat it.

Sorry for all the "sick" stories. Better ones are coming.

When I download my most recent pictures, I will show you a picture of Caleb with half a hair cut. Doug started using the electric clippers Saturday night on Caleb. He got the back and sides done, and he had just taken a swipe down the middle (reverse mohawk), when the electricity went out around 5pm. It was a fun evening eating dinner while looking at Caleb's hairdo.

Doug fixed it the next morning before church, but it would have been appropriate to leave it. Caleb went on his first motorcycle taxi, and he got to ride in the front. (A reverse mo-hawk would have been cool, right? :)

Doug took Caleb and Karis to church because I was home with Kylie. All three of them got on one "piki piki" (motorcycle taxi). Caleb was in front of the driver, and Karis sat between Doug and the driver.

I wish I had a picture of that.

I also wish I had a picture of the time Kylie and I took a piki to town to get the giardia medicine. Women ride side saddle on the back of the motorcycle, and Kylie was just on my lap holding on to me, while I had one hand on the back of the bike, and one hand gripping my market bag.

It's a wonder there aren't more accidents (or deaths).


welcome to our "hood" said...

love y'all so much. praying heartily! hope kylie gets better so soon. so thankful the karis and caleb are better. and wow, how cool about that nurse??!!!
take care mama and daddy. much love from here.

Faith My Eyes said...

Its good to see that Caleb and Karis are better! My roommate has been dealing with a lot of stomach issues too. I had it briefly, but I think it was just adjusting to the North African water.

Hope you guys are well!! Tell the kids that Mr. "...." says hello. If you aren't sure who this is, just think dude that Caleb yelled across the cafeteria in Richmond to :-D.