Saturday, September 29, 2012

The "Mountain Top" Experience....Twice

I figure since this baby is coming in 6 days, I'd better get some posts written that have been sitting here, waiting on me.

This story will be more pictures than words, simply because I wasn't there.

Tyler and Will (our summer interns) saw that their time was winding down, and Doug had wanted to take them to climb a mountain while they were here.

I politely declined the invitation to go, and Karis chose to visit a friend that day.  In Karis' defense, she thought they were camping over-night on the mountain, and she didn't want to do that...and I don't blame her.

Anyway, Kylie, Caleb, Doug and the two guys went, and they "found" Mt Wati.

They started climbing.

It took quite a while.

Resting on mountain #1

Can I tell you how glad my pregnant body was not having this experience!?

 Kylie lost her shoe on this incline, but thankfully, Will hadn't climbed up yet, so he brought it with him.


A guy met them on the way up and walked with Will.  At the top, Will happened to ask, "What is that mountain over there called?"

And he said, "Mt. Wati."


When the rest of the group made it to the top, Will broke the news to everyone.

It was a mountain quite a ways across the valley.

I took this picture off my friends' Jason and Carolyn's blog, so I hope they don't mind.

SO....the 5 Americans hiked down the other side, away from their car, through the valley, through a village, and up the real Mt. Wati.

This mountain, of course, was higher, and took more time, but amazingly, Kylie and Caleb hung in there.

I don't have all the pictures of the climb down and the walk through the valley, but here are some of the "final product" pictures from the second climb.

What a day!!

Kylie's Climbing Buddy at the top of Mt. Wati

Thank you, Will, for holding on to Caleb!

Mt. Wati conquered...finally

Caleb and Doug, making headway on Wati

Caleb apparently didn't know he was on an old ceremonial grave site on the side of Mt. Wati

After 2 mountains and a rain storm, and they are STILL smiling. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Boys of Summer

What a blessing it was that a church we love and used to serve with in Mississippi sent us two interns for a six week term this summer. We had the best time with them, and we couldn't love them more. They were incredible amazing guys, and I apologize (especially to them) that I haven't written a post about them sooner!

The first day they got off the plane, Karis had prepared breakfast (remember?) and then we took them shopping for things they might need in Arua.

It didn't take long before Caleb was attached to Will (literally).  Kids are a good judge of character, and I'd say that Caleb has pretty good taste.  Will Morgan is awesome!

My children were loving them so much by day 3, they couldn't wait to pose by the Nile with them.

I'm not leaving out Tyler.  He is just as awesome as Will.  We love Tyler Slay!

Tyler had been an intern the year before to Kenya, and he brought valuable experience to the "Pioneer" Team.  We never once had to hold their hands, but it would have been okay if we had had to.  

They cooked for themselves, took instruction about culture well, and then they went out and did just what we are called to do as followers of Jesus:

Matthew 28:18-20

New King James Version (NKJV)
18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

They started their "going" at the golf course, trying to make connections.

I love this picture of all the nationals trying to find their balls for them.

At the golf course, they met Richard (who ended up being baptized and being my partner at camp), and they met another non-believer that they spent time sharing stories with.

Another place they were faithful to go was the baseball field, with our without Doug. 

When Doug was busy, they biked to the fields anyway.

Doug, letting the team field some balls
Tyler was also kind enough to let me steal pictures from his facebook.  There are so many things in town I wish I could get pictures of for you, but I feel awkward walking around like a tourist with a camera.

Tyler had a small, inconspicuous iphone, and he took some great photos that I stole from him and I'm going to share with you.

You saw most of these if you got my last newsletter, but I wanted to share again.  So many of you want to be able to picture in your head where I live, and though I can never describe it accurately enough for you, these photos do help.

Tyler and Will bought a chicken so they could kill it, pluck it and cook it...just for the experience ;)
Ladies in town cooking the local food...Enya (ground up casava, mixed with millet and water)
The used clothes market, which can be nasty to walk through on wet days
One of the hundreds of local tailors.  They can make anything you like WITHOUT a pattern!
A great place to eat in town.  We don't go here enough!
Pretty typical, especially after a rain
Another great restaurant we love...Ethiopian!!! (No utensils, but great food)

A view of the main road (where the pink building is) from a side street
How dry goods are sold in the market (by the "cup")

A TINY, TINY portion of our HUGE market.  After a rain, it's kind of a mess.

A busy side street.  Everyday greetings occurring and shoes being sold to the right.

My friend says you can find almost anything you need in Arua, if you know where to look...she's probably right ;)
Local auto dealer.  This is what most people drive in Arua.
Another "convenient store" selling boxes of water, jerry cans, and much, much more!
There are so many more stories, but I'll only tell one more (on the next post).  In case you've forgotten (because I've been such a sporadic writer) I've already told you one about baptism.

We love these guys, and we surely hated to see them go!

Last day together, giving them a "going away" gift

You are welcome in our home anytime, Tyler and Will!  You will be part of the Taylor family forever!

In front of Lake Victoria in Entebbe before they flew out

Monday, September 3, 2012

A finish and a beginning

Well, here's a quick wrap-up of camp along with some new pictures I've borrowed from other people's facebook pages or emails that have been sent to me.

First, I wanted to show you the 6 groups in action.  It was hard to get pictures of them because I was always in my group simultaneously.

So, one day, Karis had come to my group to learn the story, and after she had gotten half of it down, I asked her if she would go take pictures of all the groups I hadn't gotten to yet.  Sometimes (like Group 6) it was hard to get close to them without being a disturbance, but I'm so thankful for Karis for doing this for me.

This first one, though is HER group with Gordon Caldwell, Lee Anderson, and Pastor David, and Doug took this picture.

Karis sitting and learning the story while Joanna shared with the group

Kylie's group led by John Shaull and Courtney Tucker
My group led by Richard and me

Group 4 led by Stan Wafler and Taban

Group 5 led by Mike Carlson, Betty, and Denae Kioko

Group 6 led by Dianna Sparks and Jill Gase.  Doug listening in one day.
This is what the food line looked like, and you can see my girls trying to be African and carry their bowls on their heads.

 This is where the girls took their bucket baths every night.  No running water.  Just bring a basin of water drawn from the bore hole (cold!) and pour it over yourself one cupful at a time.

Don't forget to wear your flip flops!

The dorm where the girls slept.  The three young girls slept in the triple-decker bed to the right (where the giraffe pillow is)
Patrick (in white, in the front) and Rachael (in the back in denim) got baptized after camp was over
Reading from Scripture as a reminder that the water doesn't save us.  It's just a step in obedience to following Jesus!

Love that smile!

A good ending to camp, and a good beginning for Rachael and so many others!