Saturday, September 29, 2012

The "Mountain Top" Experience....Twice

I figure since this baby is coming in 6 days, I'd better get some posts written that have been sitting here, waiting on me.

This story will be more pictures than words, simply because I wasn't there.

Tyler and Will (our summer interns) saw that their time was winding down, and Doug had wanted to take them to climb a mountain while they were here.

I politely declined the invitation to go, and Karis chose to visit a friend that day.  In Karis' defense, she thought they were camping over-night on the mountain, and she didn't want to do that...and I don't blame her.

Anyway, Kylie, Caleb, Doug and the two guys went, and they "found" Mt Wati.

They started climbing.

It took quite a while.

Resting on mountain #1

Can I tell you how glad my pregnant body was not having this experience!?

 Kylie lost her shoe on this incline, but thankfully, Will hadn't climbed up yet, so he brought it with him.


A guy met them on the way up and walked with Will.  At the top, Will happened to ask, "What is that mountain over there called?"

And he said, "Mt. Wati."


When the rest of the group made it to the top, Will broke the news to everyone.

It was a mountain quite a ways across the valley.

I took this picture off my friends' Jason and Carolyn's blog, so I hope they don't mind.

SO....the 5 Americans hiked down the other side, away from their car, through the valley, through a village, and up the real Mt. Wati.

This mountain, of course, was higher, and took more time, but amazingly, Kylie and Caleb hung in there.

I don't have all the pictures of the climb down and the walk through the valley, but here are some of the "final product" pictures from the second climb.

What a day!!

Kylie's Climbing Buddy at the top of Mt. Wati

Thank you, Will, for holding on to Caleb!

Mt. Wati conquered...finally

Caleb and Doug, making headway on Wati

Caleb apparently didn't know he was on an old ceremonial grave site on the side of Mt. Wati

After 2 mountains and a rain storm, and they are STILL smiling. 


Cara said...

SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandy said...

I came to comment the same as Cara!!! Can't believe it's this close. Exciting!

Jimmy Afeti said...

Hi i have really enjoyed your blog, which i came across as i was looking for stories about my Village, I come from Arua district 11miles from Arua town, at exactly the second bridge (Inve River) from Arua Town, i went to study at Maracha which is very close to Mountain Wati and had never heard of some one having climbed it. However i have been living in London for the last 14 years but i have clear memories of every life in Arua several years ago.
Just wanted to let you know, i absolutely enjoyed your blog and will keep following more in the future