Monday, September 3, 2012

A finish and a beginning

Well, here's a quick wrap-up of camp along with some new pictures I've borrowed from other people's facebook pages or emails that have been sent to me.

First, I wanted to show you the 6 groups in action.  It was hard to get pictures of them because I was always in my group simultaneously.

So, one day, Karis had come to my group to learn the story, and after she had gotten half of it down, I asked her if she would go take pictures of all the groups I hadn't gotten to yet.  Sometimes (like Group 6) it was hard to get close to them without being a disturbance, but I'm so thankful for Karis for doing this for me.

This first one, though is HER group with Gordon Caldwell, Lee Anderson, and Pastor David, and Doug took this picture.

Karis sitting and learning the story while Joanna shared with the group

Kylie's group led by John Shaull and Courtney Tucker
My group led by Richard and me

Group 4 led by Stan Wafler and Taban

Group 5 led by Mike Carlson, Betty, and Denae Kioko

Group 6 led by Dianna Sparks and Jill Gase.  Doug listening in one day.
This is what the food line looked like, and you can see my girls trying to be African and carry their bowls on their heads.

 This is where the girls took their bucket baths every night.  No running water.  Just bring a basin of water drawn from the bore hole (cold!) and pour it over yourself one cupful at a time.

Don't forget to wear your flip flops!

The dorm where the girls slept.  The three young girls slept in the triple-decker bed to the right (where the giraffe pillow is)
Patrick (in white, in the front) and Rachael (in the back in denim) got baptized after camp was over
Reading from Scripture as a reminder that the water doesn't save us.  It's just a step in obedience to following Jesus!

Love that smile!

A good ending to camp, and a good beginning for Rachael and so many others!

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Brandy said...

I LOVE your posts from camp...and your cute baby belly too!

Your family is awesome!