Thursday, June 14, 2012

God is doing amazing things!

There was a baptism last week for three guys.  Our pastor at Calvary Church baptized them all at the local swimming pool.  It was an amazing time, and one of the men who works at the pool asked lots of questions and wanted more information on Jesus after that.  We also took our two guards, a friend of the two interns that are here, and a national friend of mine with us so they could see a baptism for the first time.  They were all very interested and had lots of questions.

 One of the guys, Sunday, was led to the Lord by a Fusion team member,

Sunday and his mother Gloria

Sunday and Pastor David

and the other two realized they needed to be baptized after spending time with Will and Tyler and hearing truth.  Will and Tyler are two university students who are here with us now from Mississippi.

Richard, they met randomly on the golf course one day,

and Dennis, who has been in a story group with our other team members....they met him on our front porch, but didn’t spend any time talking to him.  BUT he went to their house a few days later and met them there. 

Dennis, Will, Sunday, Pastor David, Richard, and Tyler

Doug explaining things to our two guards, Jeremiah and Patrick

All three men have been meeting regularly with Will and Tyler and learning stories.  Sunday is talking to his brother now, who does not know the Lord, and he also invited another guy, John, to Bible study one day when Will and Tyler were coming.  After hearing the story of the Prodigal Son and The Four Soils, John accepted Christ, too!!

After three weeks of being here, Will and Tyler planned a dinner for their friends.  They invited the three men they’ve been spending time with plus a few extras.  It was a great “meeting” set up, but no one knew.

After dinner, Tyler talked to them about how they would start a meeting, if this was one, and then he asked Richard to share a story, who did so flawlessly.

They then went through SPEAK with the story, and everyone participated.  (Is there a SIN in the story?  Are there any PROMISES? Is there an EXAMPLE to follow?  How
can I APPLY this to my life?  Is there any KNOWLEDGE about God I can learn?)

They then asked Dennis to tell a story, and went through the same process.  Everyone did even better participating the second time.

When asked what the “Church” was, Dennis answered, “We are.  We are the Church right here.”

The "church" after their dinner at Tyler and Will's

Doug has two more students who have overcome a lot of obstacles with family trying to get permission to be baptized, and when school is out, these two young men will be baptized as well.  In the meantime, he spends time sharing with the baseball team and several men around town.

Coach Taylor :)

I love seeing God work! He gets all the glory!

NOTE:  For Tyler's version of all of this (and back story and pictures), you can go to this blog.
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Cara said...

What wonderful news!!! Praise, praise the Lord!

You know, I so often get a kick out of reading your kids' quotes on the sidebar. How hilarious they are. How I would love to hug all of your necks right now! <3