Saturday, June 9, 2012

Karis "makes" 8

Our sweet Karis "made" 8 this month.  (That's how they say it here.)

Breakfast Muffin

All three of them were excited about her LPS gift.  They ran off to play together before we started school

Both girls enjoying new swim suits that arrived in the mail the day before her birthday!

Tyler and Will (two university students who are interns with Pinelake Church in Mississippi) went to town and bought hats and blowers to surprise the kids.

To be honest, they did more than me :) 

I just made a cake (but I let Karis decorate it).

My computer died (probably a "forever" death) about 10 minutes ago, and I can't get on to upload the picture of the cake, but thanks Doug, for letting me use your computer, even though you aren't home and don't know it yet :)

She's getting taller every day!

By the date on the picture below, this was one day before her first birthday back in Mississippi.

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