Saturday, June 16, 2012

More God stories

Another great story is what God is doing in the lives of some women I have met here.

I started meeting with Pasca at the beginning of June, and on our third meeting, she had invited two other women who live near here to join us.

I was also meeting with another lady introduced to me by a Fusion girl.  Her name was Betty.  At our second meeting, she had invited a relative named Stella.  Stella really said she wanted some change in her life, but she seemed detached during the whole study.

That Sunday, Betty and I walked to Stella’s house, and I shared the wonderful story about a Savior who came to love her and save her.  She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior that day, June 3rd!

Betty and I meet about three times a week, and every time we meet, Susan, her best friend, comes to.  She is a believer, and they are both growing in the Lord.

Susan and Betty

This last Sunday when I went back to Stella’s house to give her a Bible, a journal, a pen, and to begin a study with her of First John, Susan joined us and Stellas’ husband also sat in on our Bible study.

I also took Betty with me to Pasca’s to meet the new baby this week, and it turns out that Betty and Pasca had met once before, and they were glad to meet again and find out that they both loved Jesus!

Pasca and Betty

The Lord is really giving me some amazing opportunities, and it all comes at the hands of God and in His timing.

I have time to join God where He is working because of two things.  One, is that I have not been doing any regular language lessons, and two, is on a sadder note.  My great friend Florence and I have not been to the prison since the Wednesday before Easter.

Florence never healed properly from her surgery that she had in December.  And because of that, she ran into a lot of complications.  Over the last two and a half months, she has spent about one and a half of those in Kampala, under a doctor’s care.  Without a translator that I trust to translate the Word of God accurately, I’ve not been able to go.

I know the Anglican and the Catholic church both send teachers on two other days, so I have hope that the ladies are still hearing Truth.

I think God had me there for a season, and I still might return some day, but right now, I am so thankful for the other opportunities He’s given me!

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