Monday, February 1, 2010

New things

I have a new clothes line. That's a story.

The holes were dug, the poles ordered and welded, and then nothing.

After 2 days, I said, "Why are the poles not up?"

My house worker said they needed rocks to mix with the cement.

I asked her where they could be purchased, and she said, "Just over there."

I went to the watchman, and said, "I hear you need rocks." He said, "Yes, I will price them and then get them in a wheelbarrow."

That afternoon, Doug and I secured a wheelbarrow. When we returned, we walked in the gate, and there was my watchman, with a wheelbarrow WITH rocks.

I said, "Where did you get the rocks?"

He said, "There were some behind your wall, and I had a wheelbarrow here."

Communication is going to be fun! I waited two days for rocks, when apparently, there were some behind my wall.

***I also wanted you to know, I finally uploaded a video of some of the wedding music. It is short, but it will give you an idea. It took over an hour to upload, so I'm feeling very proud.

***New things #3: Doug looked in the "Where there is no Doctor" book for Africa, and I believe he has diagnosed the kids appropriately. They have Giardia. Now we have a place to start.


Ingrid said...

My name is Ingrid and I work at Hesperian, publishers of Where There Is No Doctor We're so glad you were able to diagnose the giardia! I was in the Peace Corps and one of my fellow volunteers had it - he was miserable and lost a lot of weight, but once he figured out what was going on, he got better. We all had copies of Where There Is No Doctor.

We hope to have a translation of this book in Luganda, eventually -

Your pictures are lovely! If you have any stories about using our books or pictures of the work you're doing, we'd love to se them


"Future Hottie" said...

I'm glad the kids are feeling better!! I love reading about your every day adventures. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Every time I read a story, it reminds me of when we were in Africa. Take care.... Love, Kim

"Kim" said...

By the original post name was a joke between Suzanne and I!! I just changed it!! I almost died when I saw it published!!!