Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Boy - #4

We've been so busy with "sick" around here, I forgot that Caleb had a birthday.

In good Armstrong fashion, I wrapped his gifts in plastic sacks. Didn't seem to bother him.

Caleb doesn't like cake, so he asked me to make him chocolate chip cookies. I made some with a Betty Crocker bag I brought, and some I made home made. 15 people came over, and we had cookies, pink lemonade, sweet tea, and papaya.

He helped me put the candles in the warm cookies.

One of the families here has a tradition of lifting the "birthday person" in the air three times after singing to him. So after Doug prayed over Caleb, we sang, and Caleb got a ride.

"Miss Aunt Pam" as Caleb calls the lady on the left, bought him some beautiful carved African animals while we were in Kenya.

He was pretty excited about them.

After the party, I put them on a shelf for him, but they have not been touched since. I will know when his strength is back and he is feeling better because he will have the rhinoceros attacking all the other animals in a heated battle.

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Thomas said...

gotta love little boys! (from Lisa)