Friday, January 22, 2010

Bible Study (January 20, 2010)

Yes, I went to Bible study on move-in day.

If you are a woman, and have been in a Bible study before, just picture that situation.

I had such a good time at this gathering, and I smiled to myself the whole time.

You know you are not in America when you get to the front porch. It’s covered in flip flops. Most of the women are barefoot inside. Doesn’t that make you smile? I loved it.

We were all drinking hot tea, and there were about 4 people whose native tongue was not American English.

This was their first day of study on Beth Moore’s, “Get out of that pit.”

It made me smile that I was in Africa doing a Beth Moore Bible study.

It made me smile that as someone tried to comment on Beth’s first chapter analogy of an RV being like your life, we had a 5-minute tangent to explain to non-Americans what an “RV” was. One of the ladies with a thick accent said she saw it once on the “Fockers” movie, and it caught some of us off-guard because we weren’t understanding her.

Another lady mentioned a previous study, and I couldn’t understand why these ladies had studied sharks. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later, when a British lady said, “The Shack,” that I realized I am going to have to really listen closely for a while until I get the hang of these accents.

Basically, it was a beautiful thing. Women from all over the world, meeting in Africa, serving one God, and united by Him even though we are all so different.


Lisa said...

Awesome! You should email Beth Moore sometime...I think she would love this!

Stefanie Kellum said...

Beth Moore crossing it. :)

What's your problem? said...

Of all the films to reference about an RV...nice! I love that you are already enjoying fellowship with non Americans while studying God's word. Enjoying the post. Love you girl!!

welcome to our "hood" said...

amazing. i love our Lord.