Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick with no Power

Karis crawled into our bed Thursday night...again.

She hasn't slept a full night since we got to Arua.

There are MANY noises outside (birds, dogs, children crying, people talking), and when the electricity goes off, there is no fan to block out the sounds.

She and Doug stay up a lot at night together because she comes and wakes him, and then he can't go back to sleep.

Caleb came in, but there was no room for him in the bed, so I got up to lay with him in his twin.

"Mom, my tummy hurts."

He sat up and started to gag.

I ran to the kitchen to get a bowl.

No power. No lights. No bowl.

I ran back for the lantern, but the bed was already starting to be covered with his birthday dinner.

I got the lantern, returned to the bed, but it was over...for now. 2am.

I got him to Doug (who was awake), and got Doug to start a bath.

I lifted the mosquito net, stripped his sheets and blanket, and went to the shower to rinse them off. I got a basin to soak the blanket in with washing powder to wash the next day, and then I went and checked on the boy.

He got clean, and was sad that his new birthday Star Wars pajamas could not be worn anymore that night.

He and I crawled into Karis' bed with a bowl and wet wash cloth. He was so hot, and the air was so still. Only 3 and one half hours until electricity and fans.

No sleep for him.

I got my computer and put in a Justice League Superman cartoon movie for him. Laid the computer on my chest, and I fell asleep. He finished the whole thing and wanted more, but I told him it was time to rest.

No chance. More heaving. Rinse the bowl out. This time I remembered the lantern. Start again. 4am.

He rested. I rested. The electricity came on at 6am. Praise God.

At 7am, more came. Poor boy.

(The night watchman was curious to hear why he saw a lantern light moving back and forth through the house last night.)

We moved to my bed to watch another movie, and then it started coming out the other end.

After three pairs of pants and underwear soiled, and three baths in a short amount of time, I put him in a pull-up. He was devastated.

Did I mention that it is improper here for the nationals to wash your undergarments.

So I knew I'd better get his underwear soaking because I was going to have a big, fun job ahead of me. Without a machine, though, Alice, my house help, is doing a lot of the wash now that I have a clothes line.

Anyway, he messed up two pull-ups before he figured out how to make it to the potty in time.

Poor boy. He doesn't have a whole lot left.

He is drinking a lot of water, and spent ALL day on the couch.

He felt well enough after lunch (mine, not his - he's not eating) to sit and play his new birthday Wii game. It was short-lived because he passed out again for the 8th or 9th time.

It is so hot. He is so hot. But he is not complaining.

I gave Karis some Melatonin last night and she slept through the night. So did her daddy!

Caleb slept beside me, hot, but through the whole night.

Praise God that he ate a little this morning, and even though we have no power at night, we always have HIS power.

I prayed over Caleb while he was sick, and whenever he would throw up, he would ask me to pray again.

I'm glad Caleb knows where our POWER comes from.

Thank You, Jesus, that he is better today (Friday, January 29th).


Stefanie Kellum said...

Wow. What a long night. Praying for Caleb to continue to get better and you to get some rest too!

candicebishop said...

I know you don't even know me... my mom (Kathleen, friend of Carolyn's) gave me your blog. My heart breaks for your little boy and you. That is AWESOME though that he knows to ask God for help when he needs it. Praying he is better soon... and thankful its not malaria.