Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wireless internet my first night in Uganda??

My entire family is asleep. It is 5:00am Uganda time. 8:00am back in Texas. I really could sleep, but I can't pass up this opportunity of wireless internet. I'll get sleep later.

We are staying at the guest house at the Baptist Mission here in Uganda, and it is nice. Karis asked if we could live here. It's not that nice, but I'm glad she liked it.

Wanted to post my "Praise God" list for the day:

* We were told we couldn't get on the plane without a visa or a return ticket - God worked it out

* Kids were AWESOME on the plane. They didn't open the bags I had packed with all their entertainment goodies ONE TIME. They slept and watched movies. Score!

* Only 1 of 17 bags didn't make it to Entebbe. Pretty good, folks.

* Caleb is getting better and better. Thank you prayer warriors!

* We saw our quad mates from Virginia in the airport in London. It was really good for the kids, plus they sat in the row behind us on the airplane here (I mean who else but God could have arranged that among hundreds of people), plus they helped us carry all our luggage. Score!

* We were able to skype my parents on this awesome wireless internet after we arrived.

* We met our team mates and stayed up until 2:30am visiting. They are wonderful!

Thank you Lord Jesus!


Wes and Chelle said...

Praise the LORD!! We have been praying and praying. It's so good to know you are doing well, and the flight was good. Our God is so powerful and good. We love you guys.

Micah said...

Awesome! So glad your plane ride went well and that you had friends near you. How cool is that? God knows what He is doing.

I thought our traveling adventures were interesting today... Laura and I had to wait 7 hours for our delayed plane in Atlanta today, but reading this sure puts things in perspective. I'm so excited you have had internet so we can get updates.

Love you guys and happy belated birthday Kat!!!

Cara said...

YAY!!! Praising God for this update. He is SO good and I am SO excited for you guys!!! :)