Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"No, I'm sorry. You can't go to Uganda today."

That is what the ticket agent said to Doug and I after waiting TWO hours in line! My heart sank. He said we had to have a VISA or a return ticket, and we had neither. He asked us to get out of line. OUCH!

Our sweet friend Natalie had taken us to the airport and had sat with the kids the whole time by the windows. She let us borrow her iphone, and the phone calls began.

The International Mission Board was quick to fix the problem. Our ticket just had to show a return date, so they called a travel agent and made that happen. Then faxes were sent, more calls were made, and in one hour, we were back at the counter.

The guy was skeptical, of course, and left me for a good 20 minutes by myself. When he returned, he had some sheets printed up and highlighted showing me what trouble I could get in if I didn't get a VISA. Don't worry folks. I got a visitor's VISA as soon as we landed.

Any way, after three hours trying to check our bags, he let us start weighing them in. Prayer at work folks.

We thought we would only have 15, but we actually took 17 plus one bag of car seats. We had to pay a little overage, but it was all okay. Blessing one...check!

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