Saturday, January 16, 2010

Transformer (January 13)

We had just finished saying prayers and were crawling into bed when there was a knock on our door at Brackenhurst. A man and his son were standing at the door with a “gift.”

Eric, the dad informed us that his son, Colby wanted to give something to Caleb. And this is what it was…

These chameleons were found by a lot of the older kids, and many went home as pets. Colby, in fact, is staying at Brackenhurst another week, and he hopes to find another to take home for himself.

You can imagine my thoughts. They were thinking of food for it, the long journey, and a million other things. Caleb was just getting his head around the horns.

They made fast friends, and I knew I would have to as well. “Creatures” were the main Africa-interest of Caleb before we came, and this creature made Caleb very happy.

The un-named chameleon slept under a trash can, but Caleb was up before sunrise asking to get dressed so he could play with it.

After some super-hero names like “Spiderman wall-crawler,” we decided on “Transformer,” which happens to be a favorite toy of Caleb’s and adequately describes the actions of the chameleon.

All of the kids really love him,

and he’s made it to Nairobi so far. I’m taking one day at a time on his journey. Transformer usually holds onto a stick that one of the children holds as we ride down the road. But sometimes he gets active and walks around on whoever is closest. We are just trying to keep from losing him in the luggage. And don’t worry, we have taken him out to get bugs a few times.

In fact, at a Pizza restaurant, we were sitting outside, when a fly landed on the table.

Oh my goodness! That tongue thing is cool! He whipped it out there, and in no time the fly was chomped and eaten.

If Transformer actually lives, there will probably be more stories to come.

Post script: We are now in Kampala, and Transformer has been with us three days, but he is not doing well, as you can imagine. (Our car ride today was 13 hours from Nairobi to Kampala. We woke up Transformer at 4am, and he has been on the road all day).

We'll let you know.


Stefanie Kellum said...

Oh, wow. Only the first of many creatures to come, I'm sure. I LOVE Karis' face in that picture! That's pretty much the face I would make too haha. Have a safe drive to Arua in the next few days, and happy new home!

Cara said...

I love those pictures of Transformer and your adorable kids. :D

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! That creature if scary looking! I hope your next pet is a little more attractive. Although, I bet that tongue thing is pretty cool to see...