Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've seen pictures

Three posts in one night is a little over the top, but you'll have to forgive me. I'm a little excited. My family is spending the night in Africa tonight.

Anyway, I received an email from one of the journeyman on our team in Arua. She went and took pictures of our house! I still don't know about a climbing tree - for those of you praying for that - but it looks pretty good to me.

I'm including a view of the front

from the front porch, looking out

and a view of the back yard. The girl who sent these says "that's not a hut, it's a piyot- like a sitting area/patio, but covered"

And for those of you concerned about the important things...

We're taken care of.

My pantry has lots of space; we have TWO bathrooms; the garage can double as a school room (so says my friend Alissa :); and the three bedrooms are of good size. I'll stop there. I would show you more pictures of all the rooms (I have them now!), but the house hasn't been cleaned, so I'll wait and send some more later. The kitchen looks particularly small with little counter space, so we are going to have to be creative. OK - one more picture - the kitchen.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Doug bought me a Starbucks coffee in the London airport to celebrate. It was on the 5th, but it was better than the airplane food I got on the 4th!

Tomorrow, we are getting cell phones, malaria medication, and they are going to take me out for my birthday. Since we'll be at this guest house all week (we leave for Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday), I'll be sure and post some more for you.


Savannah + 4 American girl dolls said...

w Kylie, your house is so cool! Can't wait to see more pictures! I miss you tons!

Lauren said...

Wow! It sounds like you guys have had an amazing day. I'm so happy you guys are there and that everything is working out. Miss you guys...wish I was seeing you in Nairobi! Please tell all the kids I said hello!

Cole and Erin Wilkins said...

Great to hear from you so soon. We love seeing the pictures. Congrats on two bathrooms too- God knows your needs! :) We love you. We're still praying!

The Wagner's said...

glad to see you all made it safely! i look forward to keeping up with you guys!!

Megan said...

so great to hear you all made it and the bags too! God is so good and what a faithful provider!! I know you will make your house a wonderful home and I can't wait to see more pics when you arrive there :) Give the kids a big hug from Mae Mae!

Brandy said...

So awesome!!!!! I love it! So glad for all the praises! Awesome! I'm glad you stayed up for the updates! We're thankful for all the Lord has done for you!

Myrna R. said...

Hope things are well with you guys...how exciting! Question for you. Where are you located? We (Upward) have had some requests for information and training from Gaba Community Church. Also we may be talking with the people of the Bweya villiage. I am not making the first investigative trip, my director, Scott Beidler and one of our MIS people Les Neely who was a former missionary to Africa, will make the trip Feb 20-28th. I just thought it would be good to touch base and keep you informed as to what we are doing. Upward could be a helpful tool to you as well! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Myrna Gregory