Friday, January 29, 2010

First Malaria Test Behind Us

Well, I guess he's not better.

Caleb's temperature has been consistently 101 today.

He is not eating well, and his drinking has really slowed down.

Doug did get him to have a breakfast bar this morning, and our house help made homemade flour tortillas, of which he consumed about one-eighth of one.

We have tried flavoring his water to get him to drink more, but he is awfully lethargic.

He has only been awake a couple of hours today.

He was really awake when Doug administered a malaria blood test.

He didn't like the pricking of the finger with the lancet.

I don't blame him. I need to get someone to send one of those finger prickers that diabetics use to make it easier next time. Seeing a razor blade of sorts coming toward you is not comforting at all.

Even with all of his crying, we struggled to get enough blood for the test. That could be a sign of dehydration.

Anyway, the test of was negative, if we did it correctly. It was a malaria test for the bad one that messes up your brain. So far, so good.

We had family prayer time over him after lunch, and then Doug took the girls swimming, as promised. Unfortunately, the electricity went off for about an hour after they left, which meant no fan on my hot boy.

Caleb is passed out beside me, and praise the Lord, the electricity is back on.

Pray for my sweet boy and the Lord's will to be done.


Laura said...

We saw Doug's Facebook post yesterday and have been praying ever since. Glad to hear it's not the "bad kind" of Malaria. Tell Caleb Micah and I love him!

Brandy said...

OH, wow.
We are praying! for all of you! Man!

candice said...

Prayers have been coming your way. What a blessing not to have Malaria! Poor boy, that is tough in the heat with no electricity.