Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kampala (Jan 6-8)

Kampala is the capital of Uganda. We stayed there for 4 nights and did shopping during the day for things we will need when we get to Arua. Arua, is 7 hours away and does not have as much to offer in the way of food and house supplies.

My first trip to the ATM was shocking. I withdrew 1,000,000 Uganda schillings. That is a little more than $500 American dollars. It’s quite a shock to the system to be taking that kind of money out of your checking account!

The only thing I bought the first day was a pair of $1 flip flops for Caleb, because I could see quite quickly that my children were no longer going to be socks and shoes wearers. They were barefoot all day long at the Baptist compound and only put their flip flops on to go somewhere in town.

The Baptist compound consists of 2 houses, one guesthouse, a guard house, and some storage containers. We stayed in the guesthouse. It is sort of like a duplex except there is an adjoining kitchen and laundry room. So our family was on the left, and if you walk through the kitchen, you get to the other side where the Wafler’s, our teammates, were staying. Each side had 2 bedrooms with beds for 5, 2 baths, and a living area

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