Wednesday, October 22, 2008

God's Acts of Kindness

our new home
God so graciously gave us cool, cloudy days to load and unload the truck. He also blessed us with so many people who came to visit Saturday and Sunday as we loaded the truck and packed the final stuff. How thoughtful of Him to put my family on the thoughts of others.

Doug, my mom, and I unloaded the truck today into two storage sheds in Yoakum. My mom left eventually, but the student pastor from First Baptist Church Yoakum came out to help. Was I ever happy!!! Doug and I would still be out there struggling to lift pieces if Eric had not come to the rescue. We were unloaded in four hours!

We came back to my mom's house and went through over 20 boxes pulling out items we needed to "make a home" in our room and the kids' rooms. Then, tonight, after the kids went to bed, Doug and I went back to storage to put back all the stuff we didn't need out of those boxes. God (and Doug's awesome packing skills) allowed us to have room left over in one of the sheds.

Caleb and Kylie rode a tractor this morning with our neighbor who leases our land and helped him pack down his grass jigs (that is basically running heavy equipment over an area of land where a farmer has put down some blades of grass (jigs) to pack them down so that they will eventually root). Karis just stayed on the four-wheeler with my mom to watch. The kids stayed outside a majority of the day climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline, decorating the driveway with chalk, and riding bikes. Two opossums entertained us tonight on the carport as we watched through the window, and all-in-all, it was a good day. As sad as it was leaving Baton Rouge yesterday, I'm glad I have some place so peaceful to come.

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