Friday, June 19, 2009

We've lost something

Today was a long day for Kylie (and the rest of us). At lunch, she bit into some bread, and when I rushed over to see what the screaming was about (yes, screaming), I saw that her tooth that had been loose, was completely twisted around backward.

Yes, that is the back side of her tooth you are looking at.

Well, she was traumatized because she likes her lose teeth just to "fall out" on their own. This hanging-thing stressed her out most of the day. She didn't want anyone touching it, and I can sympathize, because I was the same way.

She worked on it, albeit slowly, with her tongue all day, and tonight...

eating a cookie...

the tooth turned itself back around!


She finally said, with a red, tear-stained face, that I could pull it out. I reached in, and it practically fell into my hand. It was only held in there by suction (and spit, if you will).

She is a happy girl with swollen eyes
(and so are we..minus the swollen eyes).

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Megan said...

wow does she look like Doug in that picture! (haha, no offense Doug!)