Saturday, September 4, 2010

Student Camp

Leadership training for some key students from 5 surrounding boarding schools took place for 6 days in August during their one week break from school. First of all, I thought it was amazing, that these students would give up their holiday for leadership camp, but I think they were all glad they did.

The camp was held at a beautiful location 30 minutes outside of Arua at a boarding school called Ushindi.

What a view from the top of one hill looking towards the next.

These girls are laughing as Gordon (a volunteer) wiggle his ears. That was a new sight for them.

Kylie washing her dishes after lunch.

Look at the amount of firewood kept on hand to keep fires burning in and outside the kitchen. No ovens or stoves at this school (or any school, for that matter).

Doug (and Kylie) sitting with a lot of the boys waiting for afternoon Bible study.

Caleb had such fun learning "magic tricks" from Arnold, performed with grass and rocks.

Arnold is a great story teller, and he had these kids enthralled.

Grace is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She let Kylie and Joanna decorate her hair with flowers and never complained a bit.

This man made a lot of impromptu songs throughout the day. The song he was singing here was about Caleb.

What a blessing all these students were to us.
Six people from Winterset, Iowa, and one man from Florida came to help the girls on our team and our team leader's family "do" camp. My family had the benefit of enjoying everyone's company, building relationships with students, and Doug taught one session on being a godly man.

This is a video of Arnold trying to teach Kylie how to make some music. I have some videos of Caleb's magic tricks, and I'm having trouble sending them to my mom, so I might have to post them here for her, and then all of you will get to see.

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Misti said...

it's a strange thing: to be in the States finally trying to enjoy all the things you've missed, and to find yourself missing what's *real* there in Uganda.
Thanks for the time you take to post!