Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cassava harvest

I drove to the outer villages of Arua with my friend Joanna to help another friend Jane with a task.

And when I say "outer," I mean "outer."

I still can't get over the talent of these women, so I keep taking pictures of them.

Anyway, Jane's family had been harvesting her cassava for her all day while she was working in town. After all the harvesting had been done, Joanna offered to drive out, pick it all up for her, and take it back to Jane's house so they wouldn't have to hire transport.

This is the fruit of their labors.

I tried to help, but these people had a system and knew how to pack cassava a lot better and tighter than I did, so I decided to take pictures and visit. Being this far out of town, not many people spoke English, so it was a great place to practice my Lugbara.

That is one large cassava. It looks like an elephant's trunk.

These are some of the workers in the foreground, and you can see a man in a blue shirt in the back. He's the one that asked to pose with the vehicle. (I put it on an earlier post about Patrick and his son.)

Joanna hauled so much cassava and so many people back to town that her car was struggling in second gear. Jesus helped us get back, and the cassava will be ground into flour for Jane's family to use or sell. God provides!

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