Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in the Day

Let me catch you up briefly on a few things from June. I’ll try to use more pictures and less words to make it go faster…hopefully.

My cousin, Kristin, came for a three week visit in June.

For one of those weeks, we were in Kampala. While there, she was such a go-getter. She went out and did ministry with some students from Oklahoma Baptist, and she got connected with my friend Melissa (Mercy’s mom), and she went with Melissa to serve at an orphanage.

She also took a couple of driving tours around Arua with my friend Jack.

Before Kristin left, Jack brought his daughter, Sayida, over to play with my kids and Kristin. Sayida had been begging her dad to visit the “mundus” (foreigners).

Even though she wanted to come, it took her a while to warm up.

She eventually made it off the couch.

We really warmed her up with the white board.

What kid doesn’t like to scribble on a white board?

She still wasn’t too sure about us when she left, but Jack said all the way home she talked about when she could come back again (even though she didn’t speak two words while she was at our house).

Kristin was full of energy and a giving spirit…perfect for Uganda. On her last day with us, we drove her to Murchison Falls National Park to meet up with the students from OBU. They had transport back to Kampala, where she could catch a taxi to the airport. So, as an extra blessing, we got to see animals for the day.

Seeing God’s creation NEVER gets boring!

That giraffe was actually "stuck" in that tree. Some other people tried to help it out, but they couldn't. I'm not quite sure how it all ended.

We are always excited when we see a lion. They are really hard to find/see.

On this particular day, we saw two males!

Bye, Kristin. Thanks for coming.

And kids, come home soon. We think you are wonderful and we really miss you!!

And by the way, everyone, Melissa and Mercy are home in Kansas now after a LONG ten months! If you want to read about her homecoming, you can click HERE.

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