Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New insights

I had a conversation with a mother about delivering children in the hospitals here.

Here were some of her observations:

If it’s dark, and you don’t have a lamp, the nurses will leave you and go help someone deliver that has a lamp.

If you yell or scream during labor, the nurse will beat you or abandon you until you are done.

Many children die because of nurse-negligence.

If you don’t bring gloves and a plastic sheet (like are in the Maama kit), the nurse will not let you on a bed. She makes you deliver on the cement floor.

Women who are used to delivering in the village (in a standing position), find it difficult to push when they come to the hospital and are made to lie on their back. If they tell a nurse that they “can’t do it” lying down, the nurses have been known to slap them.

I don’t know if you are aware, but the hospitals here are not required to feed you (or care for you in a general sense). If your loved ones do not come and cook out in the yard for you or bring you water, bananas, etc., then you just don’t get to eat while you are trying to heal??? Makes sense, huh?

The power has been completely out here for a week, and it’s been off and on in the capital city of Kampala as well. A missionary friend in Kampala said that when the “powers that be” turn off a power grid in the city, they don't consider what is on that particular grid. Sunday, when we were arriving in Kampala, I witnessed major intersection lights out, and no traffic cops to assist in the need. My friend says that when they turn the grid off where the hospital is located, they don’t even seem to care. MANY patients have died because of lack of power, and it seems that the government doesn’t take notice. It’s not like you can sue here and get any justice.


Nancy said...

How sad that the lack of resources is not the biggest is lack of compassion for another human being.

Alison said...

This is so hard to even imagine!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I can't even imagine.

Brandy said...

I'll just!

And, so thankful for those mama kits.

Cara said...

Sounds like I need to come do a little nurse training in Uganda... Lesson #1: BE NICE! :-)