Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is anyone listening?

(From Friday, December 9th, 2011)

I know Satan is at work in the prison because I hear testimonies about his work:  dead family member’s spirits are visiting a couple of ladies; a handful are having horrible nightmares; and the spirit of discouragement is alive and well among all of them when families don’t visit and children go uncared for with their moms in prison.

But along with Satan, there is the added sadness of a Christmas not only without family but also spent in prison.  And since hot season has arrived, the sun beating down and the dust blowing is enough to make anyone a little irritable.

The ladies were still dealing with anger issues today, but I just prayed the story of Moses would speak to them where they were.

It’s a good thing I let them ask questions at the end, because it makes me aware of how much they are NOT listening.

*Why were the Egyptians killing Hebrew babies?
*Did Moses live with his mom again after he was found?
*Did she breast feed him or how did he get milk?
*Where did Moses go when he left Egypt?
*Did he have children?
*Where was Moses’ mom when Pharoah’s daughter found him?
*What was Moses’ father’s name?
*Did the death angel pass over the Hebrew’s homes?
*Did the Egyptians die in the Red Sea?

I had already answered four of these during the story, but their questions always intrigue me, so I’m glad to hear them all.

If I ever begin to think I’m in America, there is always something to bring me back to the present.  Today the ladies asked us to pray for the attitudes of the guards to change.  Apparently, guards can “add months to your sentence if they think we are being stubborn.”

And stubbornness is on the rise.  Stealing, hot tempers, and ugly words have been running rampant.  I was told that many of the ladies have been put in the “cold room” lately.  Apparently, the “cold room” is a room that is cement and water is kept on the floor to keep the room cold. 

In this weather, it sounds great to me, but apparently it is not so nice for a person who grew up in this hot climate since birth.

Never a dull moment.

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Lindsay Taylor said...

Loving hearing about these ladies, praying for them, and for you. Reading through Exodus right now too. And love that your sharing this story with them. I was telling Drew other day I think Moses got the raw end of the deal. All those complainy people who forgot what he said all the time. But I was reminded that Moses got to go up the mountain and be in the presence of God. Beg God on behalf of these people to show compassion. To BE that close to GOD. Miss you guys. Hope to talk to you soon.