Monday, August 20, 2012

Camp, Day 3

James observing 3 from my group (Comfort, Lawrence, and Hope) as they share with 2 listeners.

The "sharing" and "sent out" ones did so much better today.  They are learning how to do a group, and it's obvious that they are using their evenings to learn the story even better than before.

Gordon (from Murdock Baptist Church in Florida) observing...with Caleb's help :)

L to R:  Karis, Joanna, Joan, Kylie

My two girls, Caleb,  and the Wafler's daughter have been attending story groups as well.  They are learning them even better than some of the nationals.  I'm VERY proud of them.

Here, Kylie and Joan were paired up to "share" with Karis and Joanna.  I observed them, and all four girls could tell the story beautifully.

Richard observing from afar as Emmanuel and Jessee share with to "listeners"

Jill (from Murdock BC in Florida) observing

I witnessed some really great leadership skills as I mingled among the "sharers".  But I also witnessed some this afternoon really struggling with Truths they are learning from God's word.  They have been taught contrary to the Word of God in some areas, and it is very hard for them to grasp new concepts when they clash against all they've ever known.  Keep praying for them to see the TRUTH!

 This afternoon was a tough story to learn, but I'm pretty impressed at how many got it in the three- hour time span.

I think my group must have said/heard the story over 20 times.  It's a long story, so that is a lot of memorization of scripture they are doing.

Karis didn't attend her group today.  She sat alone and taught herself the story.  After memorizing half of it, she wanted a break, and I asked her to take pictures of all 6 groups, because I can't leave.

Richard's and my group with Molly (in red) trying to learn the story

John and Courtney (both from Winterset, Iowa) teaching their group, which also happens to be Kylie's

Pastor Mike (from Winterset, Iowa), Denae (from Murdock BC in FL), and our national trainer Betty lead this group.  Today was Betty's day to lead, but here, Mike is explaining one of the questions.

Stan Wafler (who lives here in Arua) leads this group with a national named Taban.

Gordon and Lee (from FL) lead this group along with my pastor here in Arua, David.  Unfortunately, a street kid stole something from David's church, and he had to leave camp today to take care of some issues.

Dianna (Iowa), Jill (FL) and a national named James lead this group.  Doug moves from group to group to observe and make sure they are following the model he has established.  Today was his day to observer here.

I also wanted to update you on some prayer requests I had the first day.

There was miscommunication with one of the schools whose students came from an hour away, and they only came with bed sheets.  No mattress, basin, jeri can, plate, or cup (all the things each student was told to bring). 

None of it was a problem for God.  He took care of everything.  We now have FIVE that came without mattresses, but last night not one person slept on the floor.  Other students just squeezed them in bed with them, shared their jeri cans and basins of water, and somehow the five loaves kept multiplying because the cups and bowls we brought out have been plenty to share.  Since they eat with their fingers, spoons and forks weren't a problem either :)

I took a couple of pictures during Free Time before our leaders' meeting, and before Caleb and I left for the house.

I wanted you to see what the girls do during their free time.  They work!

They walk down to the bore hole (which is not close) with their buckets and jeri cans, and they fill them with water for their bathing and washing of clothes.  They care these heavy jugs back up the hill and then wash and bathe.  Most of them just brought two items of clothes, so they wear one and wash one.


These three lovely ladies have been living at camp, learning the stories, eating the local food, and bucket bathing since Saturday.  I am so proud of them!

Kylie turns 10 tomorrow, and even though she doesn't want anyone at camp to know it's her birthday, I think one of the volunteers might have slipped and told some students.

So...these three are going to come into town tomorrow with Joanna's mother, Pam, and make cookies for the whole camp to share in honor of Kylie's day.

I hate that I won't be there to wake her in the morning and lift the mosquito net off of her.

And I can't be with her all day because I'm with my group.  SO, when I arrive at camp, I'll set up a bag for her in the staff room with a gift for her to open every hour.

Keep praying for all the students at camp, including these three young ladies and my son.

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