Thursday, May 30, 2013

A few baptisms to mention

Kylie and Karis got baptized in April.

Some friends came to encourage them.

Betty and her mother were also baptized.

 Richard came to be a witness

So did James

Keira was there, too.

And so was this strange creature in the pool :)

There were 3 other families there, but unfortunately, the camera didn't get pointed in that direction.

Doug, Kylie, Karis, Pastor David, Florence, Eric, and Betty

Eric, who is part of Doug's story group, was also baptized.

And, two weeks later, we all went out to see his sister Dorah take her next step in obedience.

These are days of rejoicing.

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Nancy said...

I have never seen a two pastor baptism in the deep end. How special for the girls!