Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bye, Baby Bunting

House number 6 also had a well-respected family.  In fact, the lady of the house told us she had lived there for 35 years.  That's a long time to hold a "respected" reputation.

The men and women were separated outside and ushered into two different rooms.

Chocolates came around.  Then came sodas and juice.

I don't know how some people keep up this pace.

I don't think I had anything after the first house.

Of course, the first house had homemade baklava, so I pretty much ended on a good note.

Keira went off to play with two little girls who were playing dolls.

There was also a sweet little 1 year old sitting in her mom's lap with her two hands completely bandaged.  The day before, she had laid both of her palms, face down, on a hot kitchen burner.  Ouch!

But she was sitting quietly.  No whining.  No moaning.

Another lady entered with a young baby.  She also carried our equivalent of a pack 'n' play with her.

I've shown you this pictures from the bazaar of baby beds, but I had never seen one in action.  I certainly didn't think they traveled around with them. 

At first, when I saw the beds, I thought they might be just baby beds for dolls.

Then, I thought if they were for real babies, could they be safe??

Then, I saw this...I wanted to show you all the parts they add to the bed.  The grandmother is holding the baby in her arms in the front left of the photo, but the bed, as you can see, has a series of ties and strips that they use to cleverly secure the baby.

I felt odd taking a picture of it "in action," but when I see a baby of a mother I know better, I'll be sure to snap a photo (if I have my phone).

This is usually how I have seen babies travel, especially in cars.

There are handles attached to the side for easy carrying (and much lighter than a car carrier).

This reminds me of another story I forgot to tell you.

I was at the vegetable stand one morning, about to weigh my goods, when a car pulled up right in front, close to the curb, and a man hopped out with a basket like this.

BUT, imagine the above picture with TWO babies in the carrier, laid like a yin & yang.

One with his head at the top, and one with his head at the bottom.


He laid the basket on top of the veggie scale without asking the owners, and yelled back to the car the weight he saw on the digital reader.

Then, he laid the basket on the ground, took out one of his treasures and put it wrapped up like a burrito onto the cold, metal scale.

He yelled the weight back to the car of baby #1.  Then, he took out his second treasure and did the same thing.

Everyone laughed and smiled because one was so much smaller.

Then the proud dad grabbed his basket, slid in the passenger seat, put the basket on his lap, and the driver took off.

I was DYING that I didn't have my phone!

That will teach me to think that I'm going to have a normal experience when I go outside of my gate.

I had never seen a baby weighed on a flat, metal vegetable scale before; however, do you remember this proud dad?

Uganda had it's own unique way of weighing babies.

You can see it didn't affect her too badly...

She's just fine.

Sort of :)

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