Monday, October 3, 2016

Clean up

Talk about a day that made me feel a little old.  

After lunch, we were trying to clean up...the woman's three daughters, my two daughters, and me.

I was working to clean the plastic off, and continually I was scolded by the woman of the house.

When I reached her end of the table to start rolling up the plastic to put in the trash, she grabbed my arm (with a smile), and told me to sit.  Apparently, she and I were not supposed to be doing the work.  The younger girls were.

So, I decided to take pictures for you :)

This is Karis trying to decide what to do with all of the left over food and remaining plates.

The "girls" got it all clean, and one of them started the tea for the men.  Can you see it on the left?

I had never seen a heater like this.  A heater for the house and a burner for the tea.  Interesting!

I showed you a picture of the kitchen in the last post, and this is where we were trying to take the dirty dishes.  Nice, roomy, etc.

But they pulled us with the dishes to another "kitchen."

Why, oh why?

We have one of these rooms in our house, and we put a sink in it so Doug and I could have a semi-private place to shave or brush our teeth.  The room's roof is a plastic covering on the roof that allows some sunlight in.  That means that the room rises into the second and third floors in an area of open space.

This is a picture of our room taken from the bottom floor (back in the spring)

Our neighbors have a sink, too, and a stove/oven, so that when they are cooking the heat goes up to the second and third floor.  I will say that's not a bad idea.  The heat in my kitchen during he summer was stifling.

Apparently, the middle daughter of the house always washes the dishes, and she told Kylie that she usually doesn't have any help.  She was so glad to have Kylie as a partner on this particular day.

And Kylie was so proud of all the work they did, she went back and got me some pictures of the drying dishes.


 While Kylie washed dishes, Karis and I watched the oldest daughter make tea for all the men. 

When they finished, one of the brothers put the tray, full of all the empty tea cups, outside their door.

The oldest daughter crawled toward the tray, slid it over to where the tea pots were percolating, and she proceeded to fill them up again...without washing them. 

I guess it was like Russian roulette with the sipping action that went on in the room when the tea cups went back in.  I could have texted Doug to let him know, but the cell service wasn't working so well that day, so "bottom's up!"

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