Monday, July 3, 2017

Candy from a Stranger

The people here love Keira.

She is always getting her cheeks pinched or kissed.

People ask if they can take a picture with her or of her.
(For example, I have no idea who this lady is)

She gets free fruit at the fruit stand, etc.

They love her.


Most Saturdays, we have lunch at a sandwich shop near the girls' dance studio.

Kylie co-teaches Keira's class on Saturday mornings, and when it's over, we all meet for lunch, and wait the one and a half hours until the big girls' class starts.  When we were taking taxis (we're not anymore - more on that at another time), it was too expensive to go back and forth to the house.

A certain delivery driver for the sandwich shop took a liking to Keira, and he would just walk over to the grocery store two doors down and buy her chocolate.

He never spoke a word to us or her.  He just went, bought chocolate, set it in front of her, and walked away.  She always said, "Thank you," in the language, but nothing else to egg him on.

After a collection had amassed over a month, I took a picture for you.

We're talking good stuff (as you can see, Santa's head had already been eaten).

We don't ever think about eating it, so it just collects.

When Ramazan started, our sandwich shop closed down during daylight hours, so we haven't been there since the end of May.  I'll let you know what happens in September when dance classes start again, but for now, I think I'm going to go hunt down a truffle.

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