Friday, December 15, 2017

Wedding #2

Well, eight days past, and we were attending Wedding #2.  

The only instructions we were given were "wear a dress," the name of the hall and that it was located behind a certain mall.  So...Kylie and I drove to the mall, about 25 minutes away from our house, and I hired a taxi to let me follow him there in my car.

So glad we did.  We drove another 5 minutes until we reached this obscure hall.

We went early to hang out with the bride's family.  We knew we couldn't stay long because of a previous engagement.

Well, the "wear a dress," comment, I think was really, "She's wearing a dress."  
Both are pretty similar in this language, maybe one letter difference.  
Anyway, SHE (the bride) was wearing a dress, and Kylie and I were definitely wearing the wrong thing!  Apparently, we were supposed to wear our national dress again.

When they arrived, they walked slowly down the red carpet with music blaring and people hollering and trilling their voice, similar to what you would hear at a Mexican fiesta.

They walk all the way to the stage, and they just stand there with the music still blaring and the people still screaming. 

Most of the time at these wedding events, the bride does not smile.  She is not to appear too joyous about leaving her family.  In fact, her mother, whom I sat with at each of these events, was wearing all black.

Yes, Kylie and I definitely needed a few more shiny things on.

This is what dancing looks like here.  There is never pairing off.  It's always one or two big lines.
There are two different dances that I know of.  The one in this picture is indicative of people up north.  They dance holding hands with shoulders and arms touching; shoulders moving up and down; the other is more local, and instead of holding hands, everyone is connected by their pinky fingers.

Kylie is in the white-ish dress with the black sweater on the right side of the line.

This picture was just to describe the chaos a little bit more.

I can never describe to you the volume of the music.  It is quite unbearable.

And in every "hall," there is a little store where you can buy your own snacks, drinks, or toys.  Most of the kids were buying balloons and running around with them.  Before the red carpet was rolled up, the kids were running around the flower stands along the red carpet, and a couple of their balloons took down some of the flower stands.

No one says anything.  They just take it as part of the chaos.

All the while, the bride and groom just sit, unsmiling, on the stage.

Sadly, before the cake came out, Kylie and I had to leave.  When I tried to excuse myself, I was told that we had to take a picture with the bride first.  I was so embarrassed because of my clothes, but I went anyway.

Time to go shopping before Wedding #3!

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