Sunday, January 11, 2009

Road Hog

The night Doug was driving home for his Thanksgiving holidays, he saw fifteen wild hogs run across the road. Unfortunately, there were a couple of stragglers, and they found themselves underneath Doug's VW Beetle. One was a "mommy hog," and one was a "baby hog," as told by Caleb. He knows, because the incident busted up the Beetle's radiator, and Doug made it 200 yards to an abandoned restaurant's parking lot in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Look up, Altair, TX, on a map. If only you could see it in person.

Anyway, he called me to come get him while he waited for a tow truck from Houston to come get the vehicle, an hour away. My parents were on a cruise and obviously couldn't watch the kids, so all four of us (in pajamas) drove to Altair to rescue our Daddy. We took a short jaunt 200 yards away to view the pigs. The kids were so excited to get out and see the hogs. I have no idea why. The mom was a pile of mush, blood, and fur. The baby was missing his back right leg, but otherwise looked normal (except for the dead part).

Doug took pictures with his phone, but God had arranged it that I didn't have my camera with me. Thank you!

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