Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun Times

We had a blast with Stefanie and Kaitlin when they came to Yoakum. I hope they had as much fun as we did. Ste"funny" driving the 4-wheeler made us all laugh; watching them all run on the hay bales was awesome; and Kaitlin had quite an arm when it came to feeding the catfish.

My children have really spent a lot of time in my mother's closet since living here (even Caleb). I don't know why they get such a kick out of trying on her clothes and shoes (yes, even Caleb). Here they are in the kitchen showing me their "Mashion Show," as Caleb calls it. I have no idea where they learned these model poses, but they are pretty good at it. Caleb is even a little "Zoolander"ish. Scary.

The weirder part came when we visited some dear friends in College Station. When I took Caleb to the doctor's office, my girls proceeded to ask the lady of the house if they could wear HER clothes. The second model picture is them at her house.

The last picture is the only good picture I have of Caleb from Christmas with a normal smile. He is constantly giving me this weird "Pirate" smile thing where he winks one eye and kind of growls (see hay bale picture). So this is the most recent I have of the three, and the man with them is my Mom's brother.


Stefanie Kellum said...

Those pictures are just too adorable. And OF COURSE we had just as much fun as y'all did!

Maybe next time I'll improve my four-wheeler driving skills...


RebekahP said...

Doug and Kat!! Hey its Rebekah from the Istrouma Student Ministry! I didn't realize yall had a blog! I was just reading Laura and Micah's blog when I saw yalls name! I've really missed yall and I love your blog! Kylie,Karis, and Caleb are adoreable!