Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Caleb

I'm a little slow at getting pictures on. I don't know how people can post pictures every day! Anyway, Caleb turned three on January 27th, and as you can tell, we were still a little unorganized from the move. Instead of a cookie cake (which we always order for the kids), I improvised with three Oreos at the last minute. Caleb didn't seem to mind since he had candles to blow out, and Karis was thrilled because he let her eat the Oreos. He informed me that he does not like Oreos. I could have sworn I have seen him eat them, but oh well.

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lisasmith said...

I have searched and searched for you!!! Yaay it's Kathryn!!! You.look.the.same.

I just found an old snail mail address for you last week while spring cleaning but I can see from reading your blog that you've moved and are moving?!?

So glad to find you, now I can pray.

Your family is gorgeous. Absolutely adorable. Love, love the pics of them with gparents. cute, cute.

Yaay it's kathryn!!