Friday, March 20, 2009

Did I shave my legs for this?

Tuesday, I got up earlier than normal because I needed to get things packed and ready to go to the Houston Children's Museum. We were meeting a friend and her two girls at their house, so that she could drive and get us there by opening time (Spring Break tends to make places like that get a little crowded).

Anyway, Caleb woke up early as well because he had wet his bed. So I changed his sheets, knowing it would be late when we got in. Not from the museum, mind you, but because I was crazy enough to accept Rodeo tickets for us that night, as well. So after driving 45 minutes back from the museum, we would turn around, and drive 45 minutes back to that similar area for the rodeo after Doug got off work. Brilliant planning on my part, I must say. As a side note, the kids loved the rodeo, but two songs into Keith Urban's concert, they were ready to leave. We put pajamas on in the car, and got home around 11pm. Long day...

Back to Caleb waking up early. Because I was meeting a friend, a rather new friend I might add, I decided that I should probably shave my legs before going to her house that morning. That's big stuff for me! Anyway, I started shaving my legs in the sink, and Caleb started crying. It got louder and louder, and I said, "What is wrong?"

He screamed, "Put it back on! Put it back on!"

"Put what back on?"

"The hair! Don't let it go down the sink!"

I tried to explain that this is exactly what Daddy does when he shaves his face, but he would not be calmed. Doug, who had been awakened by the screaming, said, "Caleb, don't argue with your mother." And that was it. He marched off pouting, and we didn't finish our "talk."

If only I could have explained to him, it will all be back by tomorrow...