Saturday, March 28, 2009

The invitation still stands, but...

About twelve hours after getting cleared medically, we received another e-mail saying Karis needed to have some more blood work done. They found some irregularities in her blood, and they want to be sure she's okay. It's minor stuff that she would have gotten genetically from me, so don't worry.

This doesn't frustrate me because I want to make sure we are all healthy, but I surely do feel for my little four year old.

The first time she gave blood for her CBC (Complete Blood Count), they took blood from her finger so they wouldn't have to use a needle in her arm (thank you, Dr. Drost's office). Unfortunately, the blood clotted before they could get labs run at the hospital, so we returned a week later to repeat the action.

Part of the problem the first time was that Karis didn't cry. Praise God! But it caused her blood to run too slowly. The second time, she wasn't crying either, so I said, "Well, Karis, if we can't get the blood out any quicker, we are going to have to take it from your arm like we did Kylie." Well, that did it. The tears came and so did the blood. It sounds bad, but it was a blessing. Not only that, the doctor's office let me take the blood vial, turning it continuously up and down to keep it moving, to the hospital lab across town. Yoakum is a small town and the doctor's office trusts me.

The doctor's office even put a note on her blood vial to run the labs "Stat." I really appreciated that so that the blood didn't have time to clot.

Anyway, this will be trip number three for her. I scheduled an appointment for this next Monday, when hopefully I will be out of bed with stronger back to hold my precious princess. The kids are all in Yoakum this weekend with my parents to see the re-enactment of the battle at Goliad and to attend the play "Alice in Wonderland" at the Shiner Gaslight Theater. I was going to meet them half-way on Monday to do the kid-exchange, but now I will just drive all the way and take Karis back to Dr. Drost's office.

I only write this so you can pray for her. Don't you hate to see your children get poked and prodded? I have to be thankful though, because I know there are parents who see this everyday with their children who have cancer or some other heart-breaking illness. Lord, comfort all those parents who hurt even worse than their children because they have to watch the pain being inflicted on their angels.


Stefanie Kellum said...

Aw. Poor baby, Karis. :( I hate needles too, and I feel her pain. Praying everything works out ok and for her to be brave...although I'm sure she gets that from both her parents. :)

lisasmith said...

praying for your sweet and beautiful girl right now and your mommy's heart. Lord, make them brave.

Mary Beth said...

poor baby! I appreciate your updated email. I am excited for this phase of your life. I can't imagine learning a new language but what an adventure for your family. God will do so many things through your family's willingness to serve!! I can't wait to see!

Anonymous said...

A third time? And partly because she was brave enough not to cry the first time? Man, how come the middle child always gets such bad luck? :) We're praying for you Kharis!