Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Amazing Goodbye

Well, I guess it wasn't really, "Goodbye," but more like, "See ya later."

Our awesome friends in Katy, Cole and Erin Wilkins, honored our family with a dinner to tell us how much they loved us and would miss us. It was quite an affair, and I felt very honored.

When we walked up to the door, there was a sign saying, "Welcome Taylor Family to your African Dinner." Tears started welling. My heart is not quite ready for all the "goodbyes" that are to come. Thankfully, Doug read the sign to the non-readers. I needed to catch my breath.

We walked in to a beautiful table setting with pictures of Uganda posted on the walls and on the credenza.

At each place setting, there was a printed menu listing the evening's fare and which country it originated from.

We could have stopped at the African Peanut Soup and had it for appetizer, main dish, and dessert. It was incredible! (I was so excited when she later offered us leftovers to take home).

Next, came the main course, Boerewors Treat, which is one of Cole and Erin's favorite dishes. As a side note, Boerewors Treat is the only dish they had had before. The rest were discoveries off the internet. She even printed out all the recipes for me. I will add them to my collection. I'm going through my hand-made cookbook slowly, taking only the recipes that I know I can find the ingredients to in Africa (no Cream of Mushroom Soup, I'm sure). I'm guessing I can find Erin's recipe ingredients over there, but I'm still not sure about the availability of cottage cheese...

On to dessert. These people know how to serve a meal. There were TWO desserts on the menu!

Thankfully, we got to take some fried bananas home, too. Doug pan-fried them and blackened them the next day, and it was joy all over again!

The Wilkins' have such great toys for kids at their house (albeit, my children were fascinated with Douggie's toys - the dog's - not my husband's), that Doug and I were able to sit and enjoy good conversation while drinking refreshing Blueberry Tea. Here's proof.

But it's also proof that one of my children was playing with the camera.

Thank you Erin and Cole for all your hard work and planning, but most of all, for honoring us in such a sweet, unique way.


Cole and Erin Wilkins said...

You are so welcome and so so so so deserving. We love you guys a TON and wish you all the best in Africa. We will never stop praying for your family! Lots of love!

lisasmith said...

Ya'll look great! I enjoyed the pics. Yummy dinner. Great friends. You are blessed.