Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family photo in a flash

Doug was looking for a photo of us to let the church use in a VBS slide show. He came up WAY short of anything decent, so within 30 minutes, we asked a friend if she could take our picture, we rushed to throw clothes on, and headed over to her house right before sundown.

It took about 15 pictures for Caleb to cooperate, and when he did, the girls were fidgeting, but I'll take this over anything that Doug had originally found. They were pretty scary, let me tell you! Thank you Russell and Celeste for your patience with us!


Julie said...


Stefanie Kellum said...

Is it stalkerish if I put this on my fridge to pray for y'all? ;)

lisasmith said...

beautiful family!!

30 minutes!! Pat yourself on the back for me, sister.

Megan said...

beautiful family! could this be on your prayer card?? I'm with Stephanie, i may print this one out :)