Monday, August 10, 2009

Our junk on display

Well, I followed Doug back from Yoakum with some more of our stuff. I'm amazed at how closely this photo resembles the stock photo from my last post.

We had a late start and ended up working in our friend's garage until 1:30 in the morning (pretty normal for crazy people who embark on such adventures).

Our friends Cole and Erin(who hosted our African dinner) offered to let us use their garage because there is better traffic in their neighborhood and half of my garage is filled with empty boxes that have to be filled in the next couple of weeks to head back to Yoakum.

At 5am, our sweet, sacrificing friends, went to put out signs, while we pulled everything out of the garage and made sense of the madness we had created the night before. Erin made coffee and had purchased cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and various snacks for the day. I LOVE friendship! Friendship in Christ is even twice as nice!

God blessed our sale, and we only had one small truckload to bring home. I guess I should have done like our other missionary friends and had a multiple-day sale, but I'm not sure my body could have handled it. At the end of the day, I wanted to scream, "Back your truck up and take it all, please."

Even from the beginning, I knew I wasn't the person to be pricing all our stuff, because I would just give it away. I'm the person who never takes a receipt even when I donate to Goodwill. I just don't care. I want it GONE. "5 cents? Sure. No problem. That's probably a good price for my golf clubs." "25 cents? That ought to be fine. James Avery is really good stuff."

We were left with a twin mattress, box springs, and my golf clubs that I might can sell on craigslist. One of my friends says she wants our shelves. My brother wants the office chair. I'm hoping a church library would love a generous contribution of Doug's ministry books, and maybe my hometown library would like some more VHS tapes for their "checkout" section. The rest of the kids' toys and lagniappe can just go to Goodwill. THEN, I can check "Sell Stuff" officially off our list.


Megan said...

i am so proud of you

Erin Wilkins said...

Hope you are recovering from the sleepless weekend! We sure were blessed watching you sell your lives away for the sake of Christ. You are such an inspiration. You'll have to spend the night again when it's not so ca-ray-zee! You need some chill time! Let us know if we can do anything else for you in the coming weeks...I've already starting filling Doug's office with paper boxes...ha ha!