Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Quick Weekend and We're Off...

This weekend we drove to Waco Friday night for Doug's 20th high school reunion. We could only make the football game festivities because we had to leave for McKinney (north of Dallas) on Saturday morning.

In McKinney, we stayed with Doug's brother, Doak, his wife, Pam, and their 5 children. We had a great visit and it was very relaxing. Doak is the pastor of Lifepoint Fellowship Church in McKinney, and this morning, Doug had the opportunity to share a little about our journey in missions. Doak also delivered a word from God this morning reminding us how we are to embrace the sovereign plan of God. Taken out of II Samuel 10:12, the author says, "Let the Lord do what pleases Him (or what is good in His sight)."

I may make this journey to Africa sound semi-easy on my blog, but it has really been a process, and I still struggle some days with all the changes going on. I'm not NOT wanting challenges; I'm just taking each one as it comes and praying through it. It's definitely growing me, but it's good to hear that by embracing God's sovereign plan, it makes it that much easier. And who wouldn't want to not only embrace His plan but live in His embrace as He takes me through it?

Doug and I are headed to Rush, Colorado, tomorrow for 5 days to learn how to "live off the land." I don't know what all that means, but I'll let you know when we return. We were told to bring gloves and work clothes. A man who lives there is going to show us the "ins and outs" of solar power and I'm guessing, a whole lot more.

If you happen to look up Rush, Colorado, on a map, you will see that it may not be possible for me to use my computer all week, so I will post again when I can.

Thanks again for the prayers you are already offering up. They rise like sweet-smelling incense to the Lord, and He hears every one!


Cole and Erin Wilkins said...

We love you and miss you soooo much already! I woke up early this morning with you guys on my mind and said a prayer for you.

the Provident Woman said...

Wanted you to know I have a giveaway on my site going until Friday night. click on the giveaway in the far right side bar.