Thursday, September 24, 2009

Headed to Louisiana and Mississippi

We returned home last Thursday, and we were met by some pretty excited children at the door. Then we only stayed at my parent’s for two nights before heading off again to Brownwood, TX.

We are/were back in Yoakum for a very short time. Doug left town again yesterday to go to Waco and speak to the youth group at the church he grew up in. After he returns Thursday (today) at lunch, we will do a quick turn-around and leave again for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We will be at Barry & Aimee Staples’ house Friday night from 6 to whenever and Saturday morning from 10 to noon if anyone wants to stop by and see us.

Saturday evening, we will leave for the Reservoir in Mississippi. We are looking forward to worshiping at Pinelake on Sunday. There will be a reception for us Monday night from 6-8 at the gym if you are around and can make it. And we will also be at the Wednesday night service at the main campus.

I hope that when we get settled in Virginia, I will be able to be more consistent with writing. But right now we are still busy everyday finalizing so many things before we can go and packing and re-packing for all of our trips. I'm also trying to get an early "Christmas-type" card out before we leave for Virginia, so those people who don't know where we are living or where we are going can get an update and a prayer card.

With a heavy heart, I look forward to seeing everyone in LA and MS, only to say goodbye again for a little bit longer this time. Thank goodness we have email and internet as we go.

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Micah said...

It was SO good to see you guys yet again this weekend. I feel so fortunate and blessed to spend so much time with y'all before you leave. Who knew that moving to Texas would have given us so many chances to spend quality time together and continue living life together? I guess God knows what He's doing!