Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 States in a month

We have unpacked our suitcases, and we will only pack them two more times this year. Granted, the number of suitcases we will pack the next couple of times is exponentially increasing.

From Colorado to Florida, and then driving around Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, I feel so drained, but it's a good drained.

We saw so many people we love and who loved on us. It was so nice to be encouraged! The body of Christ is an AMAZING thing.

I'm sending out "Christmas" letters with prayer cards this week to all the people we didn't get to see on our journey, because we leave next Tuesday and won't be back in Yoakum until December 11th.

I hope to update more often while we are in Virginia and stuff is actually going on.

For example, would you want to hear that we got our International Drivers' Licenses yesterday, and are now qualified to drive like James Bond...in Uganda...on dirt, pot-hole-filled roads.

We also spent about $1400 buying vitamins and a few other knick knacks like seasonings, trash bags, and zip locks at Sam's yesterday. The only good news about that, is that there should be no out-of-pocket expense for vitamins (and other things) for the next 3 1/2 years. Nope. The thought didn't make me feel any better either.

We bought new wedding rings because we didn't want to wear our gold and diamonds in Uganda. Maybe I should take one of those cute wedding-type photos of our hands together, so you can see the new rings...Nah!

Today, we worked in our storage unboxing all the toothpaste and medications we are taking with us. The extra air in the boxes is just too precious when it comes to crating.

We are still working on purchasing all the "things" we need for solar power. The process has been slow since we have been driving around and not always near internet access.

Which leads me to now. It is 10 minutes until 6pm, and the library is getting ready to close. My parents lost internet a week and a half ago when God answered all our prayers and sent rain to this area of Texas. Doug and I now have to come to the library to get work done. So, I'm being kicked out. Gotta go. Write more later.

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Stefanie Kellum said...

1. I will now call you "Taylor. Kathryn Taylor." since you have an international drivers' license.
2. It is a travesty that your library closes at 6! They're losing precious hours of service. Very sad.
3. A scared baby squirrel showed up on my doorstep this evening. It felt very Yoakum-like haha. My downstairs neighbors rescued it and put it back where it belonged. It was so sad, but it's better now. :)