Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scrambled Eggs for Brains

Karis wanted Doug and I to eat lunch with her today at school, so after working in the storage shed all morning, we got cleaned up, ate some yummy cafeteria food, and now we're at the library again.

We are checking the girls out in an hour to go to Victoria to a Walgreens and try to get flu shots for the girls. All three towns closer to us were out yesterday when I called. I'm hoping Walgreens can also help with our fluoride prescription. The pharmacy here can't get what we need, and I need a 3 years supply of fluoride tablets for the kids before we go.

These "drugs" are taking up a lot of space in our crate. I hope they don't push out my dishes or peanut butter. Monday, we bought 18 bottles of Flintstones, and 17 bottles of Vitamin C. Rather than count them off the shelf in Sam's, we just took the whole box. Nice.

On top of that, we got mulit-vitamins for Doug and I, and Super B Complex and odorless garlic to help fend off mosquitos. 480 bandaids, 26 tubes of toothpaste for all 5 of us, 5 bottles of hair de-tangler for the girls, 6 bottles of sunscreen, 52 razors, LOTS of batteries (for our cool headlamps and a few toys), and then smaller amounts of every kind of medicine you might need on a yearly Africa.

My mom suggested I take pictures of our haul from Sam's so it would help people get their heads around it. When I went to do it, we had already taken every tube and bottle out of each box, but I'll try to download the pictures to my computer soon.

Packing is getting crazy. What goes to Virginia? What goes to Africa in a crate? What goes to Africa in one of our 15+ suitcases? What goes to Virginia and then Africa? What goes to Virgina for the cold weather, and then goes back to storage? Better get back to work...

If brains can look like scrambled eggs, then I'm there.


kbsteven said...

we know the feeling :0 It all gets done though.

Lisa said...

You can do it! Only 6 bottles of sunscreen for 3 years?? You know what a freak I am about sunscreening...should I send some to you?! You 2 are awesome - and will be doing awesome work for God!