Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's 41 degrees this morning!

Well, we're here! We slept with the heater on last night and we all had on coats this morning.

We spent the night in Austin Monday, and got up at 4:45 yesterday to fly here. The kids were great travelers, just a little tired and hungry when we arrived.

Kylie has 5 kids in her class with two teachers. Three boys, two girls, and the other little girl is named Kyleigh, too. They became fast friends, and then they loved each other more when they realized they both had the same American Girl! (insert commercial: "American Girl - bringing the world together - one doll at a time").

Karis has about 6 kids in her class (I couldn't count because I was walking through to drop off Caleb), also with two teachers. Karis was pretty excited about the new day, so I look forward to good stories.

One of Caleb's teacher's name is Cinderella. I'm sure it will be a "magical" day. He had no problem saying goodbye to me when he saw plastic tigers on the ground to play with.

Doug and I are off to class now in this beautiful 41 degree weather. We are starting a little later today, but that is nice. When we arrived yesterday, we had to unpack our 8 pieces of luggage, sign up for ministry teams, participate in a scavenger hunt to learn the property, and find out where all of our children's classrooms would be. Thankfully, some of our friends babysat our three for one hour after dinner so we could make beds and set up "house."

Thank you for everyone who emailed and texted. We love you. Thank you for praying!

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