Friday, January 7, 2011

Sudan's referendum

What were your big worries today?

Did you worry about where your next meal was coming from? I didn’t.

Did you worry about whether you would have money to pay for your kids to go to public school? I didn’t.

Did you worry about your neighbors picking your garden before you had a chance to harvest it? I didn’t.

Did you worry about whether you would have a home to come back to after elections were over? No? Me either.

Many Sudanese that live in Southern Sudan are wondering what will happen after the vote in two days. In all actuality, they aren’t even sure if their votes will be counted.

There are several Sudanese living in Arua, who are making the trek up to Sudan to vote, with the hope that their vote will actually make a difference.

They live with the fear every day that the North will take over and Southern Sudan will cease to exist as they know it.

I don’t live with these fears.

I don’t understand these worries.

Pray for the people of Sudan as they go through some critical times.

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Nancy said...

We take for granted the orderly transfer of leadership without fighting or bloodshed. Our founders took such care to set things up right. Protect our vote (well for men anyway) and our freedoms. And now we have idiots wanting to throw the constitution to the wind and go with the "brilliant minds of today". Praying for Sudan and for Uganda in upcoming elections too.