Saturday, January 22, 2011

Through the window

I left Arua on January 10th with Mercy, and I took her to Entebbe where I dropped her off so I could continue my trek to Nairobi, Kenya, to a home school conference.

I was able to use the internet a few times in Kenya, and through some text messages with Doug, I found out that on Friday, January 14th, we became an official solar-run house (except for water heaters)!

The funny (or not so funny) part, is that now that we have fans and lights at night and we don’t have to eat dinner by lantern light, our internet is not working.

It went out on the 10th of January, the day I left, and it still isn't back on (today is the 22nd). I've been texting my mom, but I don't think her phone is on. So just in case you are worried about me, Mom, I'm ok. Doug went to town yesterday and bought an internet USB extension from another internet provider to plug into our computers when we have situations like this. Nothing like paying a ton for monthly internet service, and then, not being able to get it. But I can guarantee you, I'm not complaining. I'm still thrilled with the fact that I can be in Africa and actually have internet to contact my family and friends with!

All that is to say…sorry for my absence on here and on emails. I’m trying to catch up.

At the beginning of December, I read "The Help," and it reminded me that there is a part of my life here that was new to me that I haven't mentioned to you.

My mom grew up, as many did, without air conditioning, so they would keep their windows open all the time. It reminds me of how America used to be with people sitting on porches, neighbors really knowing each other, and all the kids playing outside and wondering off for hours on all sorts of adventures. That kind of pasttime is kind of romanticized nowadays in America.

Well, I kind of live in that environment now, but one major difference is that there is always someone outside my window, and it isn't just a neighbor who is one house over, it's the help.

I am so grateful that these two guys take turns watching over our compound and keeping us safe, but I’m just becoming aware of all the things they are privy to through our open windows.

They hear what we talk about at the dinner table.

They might hear private conversations.

They know when I lose my temper with my kids.

They know what my kids are studying in school.

They know when one of our family members is sick in the bathroom.

They know we watch a movie every Friday night.

They know when I’m cooking bacon.

You get the point.

The good news is they hear Bible stories, prayers, real life stuff, and how a family who loves Jesus tries to live by His Word every day.

Just imagine someone listening in on your life…

What would they hear?

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Stefanie Kellum said...

Now that's something to think about. I hope you liked The Help. I think it was one of the best books I read last year. Hope your Internet comes back soon so we can Skype! Have a blast at the conference!s